Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby Cake

This is a cake made for a co worker of my husband who wanted a fun way to announce to everyone at the office that she is expecting. Fun idea and congrats!! We are very excited for you :)
This is an 8 inch on bottom and 6 inch on top. Both tiers are a Vanilla Bean White cake with Lemon Curd filling.
All decorations are made from fondant with a vanilla butter cream icing.
**I have to note that this was my first cake with a big wreck. Just before I was ready to leave with the cake, I turned away from it and heard a loud thunk. I turned around to find the bow along with the front of the cake had fallen off. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!. I decided to keep the bow off until I got to the office and assemble it there and did a repair job on the front as fast as I could. I think my repair worked out pretty well. I WISH I had a picture of it after the crash. :) Anyhow It was a first and hopefully a last for a while at least. Oh the perils of a cake decorator ;)

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  1. Cute bow!! I love the colors on the baby carriage. Again, I am amazed!!!