Friday, January 15, 2010

Mountain Bike Cake

My camera pooped out on me so I didn't get any really good shots. But I guess something is better than nothing.
This was such a fun cake. (Aside from my hunt for a few of the supplies). My client ordered this for her husband who is a big time Mountain Biker. I normally do not like to use anything that isn't eatable on my cakes but my efforts to make a bike just weren't working out. I think the toy bike was a good choice for this cake.

The Cake is German Chocolate with Classic German Cake Pecan Coconut Icing for the filling.
The cake is 3, 8 inch layers covered in Vanilla Butter Cream. The trees are made out of Fondant and the Rocks are chocolate candies.

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  1. I just stumbled upon this cake. Beautiful and impressive! I need to make trees for a cake soon too. Would you be willing to share a bit of how you made yours? Thank you!