Monday, September 7, 2009

The cake that started it all

So this is my first ever attempt at a real "decorated" cake. You know the kind that uses frosting bags and tips and stuff like that. A far cry from the 9x13 pan with some sprinkles tossed on top. I have to say that for my first time I think I did OK. There are several flaws with the decorating that I am going to try let go of and just be happy with the final result. Now I do have to give a shout out to my sister JoAnna, after all this is not an original design. I took inspiration from a cake she did at her shop in LA. Thanks JoJo :) This cake is for my niece's 12th birthday and her only requests were chocolate cake and her favorite colors are pink and purple. So I went with 4 layers of devils food cake with a strawberry flavored butter cream ( because whats better than strawberries and chocolate), In between each layer is butter cream and fresh sliced strawberries. I hope it tastes as good as I thought it would in my mind. I am wary because most times my ideas are better in my head then real life :) Now we just need to survive the transport to Clearfield.

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